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"Voice of the Vatican” (September 17, 2016, 9'48" - 13'35") 

“The Church up Close: Day 4. The mission of mercy” by Scott Warden (September 6, 2016, Our Sunday Visitor, OSV Daily Take)

“The Church up Close: Day 3” by Scott Warden (September 8, 2016, Our Sunday Visitor, OSV Daily Take)

“The Church up Close: Day 2” by Scott Warden (September 7, 2016, Our Sunday Visitor, OSV Daily Take)

“The Church up Close: Day 1. Catholic journalism as a vocation” by Scott Warden (September 6, 2016, Our Sunday Visitor, OSV Daily Take)

"Seminar in Rome for Journalist Covering the Catholic Church" (September 4, 2016, Fidest News Agency)

Covering Catholicism in the Age of Francis” (May 10, 2016, Fidest News Agency)

Comunicazione: Università Santa Croce, dal 5 all’11 settembre un seminario su come ‘raccontare’ la Chiesa di Papa Francesco” (Sir, 9 May 2016)

Press Release May 9, 2016



"Church Up Close: Covering the Vatican" (July 3, 2014 - International Association of Religion Journalists)

"Reporting Rome Right: Five Questions with Fr. John Wauck" (June 27, 2014 - Catholic Vote)

"Covering Catholicism in the Age of Francis. Seminar in Rome for Journalists Covering the Catholic Church. September 8-14." (June 19, 2014 - Pontifical Council for Social Communications)

"Church Upclose: English Seminar for Journalists Covering Religion" (June 17, 2014 - Catholic Radio and Television Network)

"Reporting on the Pope and the Church" (June 13, 2014 - Rome Reports)

"Aprendiendo a informar sobre el Papa y la Iglesia católica" (Junio 13, 2014 - Rome Reports)

 "The Church Up Close: Covering Catholicism in the Age of Francis" (May 14, 2014 - Press Release)



"Para Hablar De La Iglesia Catolica Es Recomendable Conocerla" (Sept 18, 2012 Zenit News Agency) 

"Jornalistas participam de encontro no Vaticano" (Sept 17, 2012, WebTVCB)

"Course deepens journalists' understanding of Catholic Church" (Sept 17, 2012 Catholic News Agency)

Ashley Noronha on Morning Air (Sept 17, 2012, Relevant Radio [Mp3]) 

"UK-Holy See diplomacy in the digital age" (Sept 14, 2012, UK in the Holy See)" 

"La Iglesia es analizada por periodistas de todo el mundo" (Sept 11, 2012, Zenit News Agency)

Vaticano "Rome's Pontifical University of the Holy Cross is home to journalist seeing pointers on Vatican coverage." (Video Interview, Sept 2, 2012, Catholic News Agency)

Church Up Close: Seminar gives Journalists a crash course in covering the Vatican (Video Interview, Rome Reports)

Press Release, June 2012